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About Stockeboda Gård

​Stockeboda Gård is located in Österlen in southern Sweden, in southeastern Scania, and dates back to the 17th century.

We offer accommodation in our cottage village, rental of party rooms for weddings and other events, conference rooms, group bookings and a wide range of activities in a relaxed environment in beautiful Österlen.

Österlen is a beautiful region located in south-eastern Scania, known for its picturesque villages, long beaches and beautiful coastal scenery. Here there are many small art galleries, antique shops and craft stalls to visit, and the food is also something that is appreciated by many visitors. It is a fantastic destination that offers something for everyone. With its beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage and delicious food, it's easy to understand why so many visitors return year after year.

Welcome to us at Stockeboda Gård


It is us you meet when you come to Stockeboda Gård!

In the reception, the restaurant, the brewery, the garden or outside at an exciting activity we arrange, you will meet our team of lovely people. You will be well taken care of by our friendly staff who strive to make your stay with us as comfortable and pleasant as possible.


Stockeboda Farm

- origins from the 17th century and connections to Sixten Sparre & Elvira Madigan

Stockeboda Gård in Skåne dates back to the 17th century. It was originally built as a hunting lodge under Gyllebo Castle. During the 19th century, a change of ownership was celebrated, which unfortunately resulted in the house burning down with only the stone walls remaining.

The estate was sold to the chamberlain and count Carlos Natvidad Adlercreutz who rebuilt the estate and beautified both the estate and the immediate surroundings.

The count's daughter Luitgard married Sixten Sparre and they had both a son and a daughter. During a circus performance in Kristianstad in 1888, Sixten Sparre was captivated by the young linden dancer Hedvig Jensen,

better known as Elvira Madigan.

Sixten Sparre abandoned both family and Stockeboda and ran away together with Elvira Madigan to Denmark where, after a month's flight, they saw no future for their love. Sixten Sparre drew his service revolver and killed

Elvira Madigan and himself. She was 21 and he was 35.

As sheer as the greenery that surrounds Stockeboda, just as fragile is the most beautiful and saddest love story that originates here.

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