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Group bookings & Conferences

Group bookings and conferences with accommodation and activities

Our facility at Österlen in Skåne is also an excellent place for business conferences, group meetings, private group bookings, association meetings and other events with various activities. We offer modern and well-equipped conference rooms, complete with all the technical equipment you need to hold a successful meeting or event.

Our premises and beautiful surroundings are very popular to book for various activities for both private groups, associations and companies. Here there are opportunities to organize everything from dog shows and car shows to kick-offers and other corporate events.

Conference rooms and meeting rooms

Our large conference room has a capacity of 60 people and our small one has room for 15 people. There is also a smaller group room that can be used if you need to split up the group. The conference rooms are newly renovated in warm colors and have equipment such as a projector and whiteboard.

Refreshments, accommodation and activities for private group bookings and corporate events

Refreshments are always included with group bookings and conferences and we also have full service with all meals and drinks with alcohol permission. There is also the possibility of accommodation in our cozy cottage village in a relaxed and calming environment, where you can also take part in a fantastic nature experience.

There is onewide range of activities with both hiking, various team fights and many other outdoor activities. Activities are good for breaking patterns, developing together and having fun in a relaxed way.

Take the opportunity to book your kick-off with us!

Book a conference orgroup booking on Stockeboda Gård – Österlen in Skåne

Take the opportunity to book your conference or other type of group booking at Stockeboda Gård in Österlen in Skåne. Here there are opportunities for both meetings, good food, accommodation and activities such as team building activities and much more.

Experience nature up close and have a relaxed and fun corporate event, association meeting or any other private event for a larger group. Here you can organize meetings and/or parties with a lovely dinner and good drinks.

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